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Oct 31, 2013

T.P. Seetharam Appointed New Ambassador to UAE, M.K. Lokesh To Switzerland & Vatican

Evana Peter
image T.P. Seetharam, who is currently the High Commissioner of Mauritius will be the new Ambassador to UAE. M.K. Lokesh will be moving from UAE to Switzerland. He will also be in charge of Vatican and Liechtenstein.

Seetharam is the brother of renowned Indian Diplomat T.P. Srinivasan. He joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1980. He has served in Hong KOng, Beijing, Phonm Penh, Johannesburge, Cape Town, Geneva and Bangkok and Lusaka.

Lokesh joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1977. At the initial stage of his diplomatic career, he served at Indian Missions in Kandy and Colombo, Brussels and, Lagos.