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Aug 29, 2013

Some easy ways to reduce your stress


Stress and anxiety are some of the worst illnesses afflicting our modern times. Not only do they reduce our happiness and ability to enjoy our lives and our loved ones, but they are also the leading causes of many types of diseases and afflictions of the body, as well as the mind. 

Here are 10 great and easy ways to reduce your stress and start feeling a whole lot better! 


1. Take a deep breath. As simple as that sounds, deep breaths reduce the amount of cortisol, which can help release stress and anxiety. So next time you feel overwhelmed, take some deep breaths. 

 2. Meditation: The best thing about meditation is that it allows the brain to relax for a bit and so decreases the overthinking we do and the stress that comes with it. Give your mind a well needed break.

 3. Retreat to your imagination: Imagine a peaceful scene, and let calm wash over you. If it doesn't work, imagine a happy memory of a time when you felt at ease.

 4. Exercise: Not only does physical activity gives a well needed release for your anger and frustration, the endorphins that are released after that activity help to drastically reduce the anxiety, as well as making you feel more powerful and in control.

 5. Have sexual relations: Research shows that having sexual relations reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety in a significant way.

 6. Music: Studies show that listening to music can elevate stress by activating bio-chemical mechanisms in the brain responsible for controlling the amount of stress we feel.

 7. Yoga: We'll say it again - yoga is great. The combination of breathing techniques and physical activity makes yoga one heck of a soldier in the fight against anxiety.

 8. Walking: A quiet walk, especially at night, can do wonders for stress. 

 9. Talk to a loved one: Some people need to 'get it off their chest', and who better to talk to than someone who is on your side. Maybe it's a partner, a great friend or a relative, but the interaction and closeness can do wonders.

 10. Take a break: Take yourselves out of a stressing situation from time to time, don't slog it. The little times off will help you come back with renewed energy. Remember, you are not a machine, you need these little breaks.