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Aug 24, 2013

Aberdeen Malayalee Association Celebrates Onam on 21st of September at Hilton Treetops Aberdeen

AMA Onam official meeting will be begin at 10.30 am, followed by the  Onam  Sadhya  and  entertainment  games  and  competitions.  

The official meeting will begin with welcoming chief guest, Maveli with thalapoli and cultural programmes. There will be stage programmes  like  Thiruvathira,  Bharathanatiam  and Onapttu.

Children (girls)  wishing  to  take  part  in  Thalapoli kindly contact any  of  the  committee  members.  

The Games and entertainment begins soon after the Onam Sadhya. Ther will be  certain  games like,Vadamvali,   Kaserakali  (common),  Three  leg  race  for  couples, lemon  spoon  race  (children  and  Ladies)  etc.  There  will  also  have 
certain  games  to  prove  skill  and calibre to  win some fortune and more over to get entertained (interactive fun games). Also thre will be games like  Cricket,  Football 
(children),  Badminton  And  few  indoor  games  like caroms  & chess prior  to  the day of celebration. Anyone wishing  to  take part in any of the games kindly contact the people concerned on or before 26th of August 2013.                               

Kindly  cooperate  with  the  committee  members  when  they approach you with tickets. Please keep money for the tickets will be highly appreciated.

Ticket rates

Children from P1 to P7 £9/-     Only

Children from S1 To S6 £12/-   Only

Adults £15/-   Only