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Jul 29, 2013

5 Food Combinations You Should Avoid!


There are many food combinations that are perfectly healthy for us, and even enhance the natural qualities of each other. On the other hand, it's no less important what foods are not advised to mix, as they cancel each other's health benefits, and at times cause digestion and other problems.

1. Coffee and Eggs 

This lethal combination is part of many resaurants and families breakfast, and yet the polyphoneles in the coffee actually reduce the absorption of iron from the eggs and decreases the amount of calcium in our bones. 

 Tip: If you can't get through the day without caffeine, try to switch from coffee to chai tea, which supplies caffeine but also contains spices that improve the flow of blood and mental 

  2. Milk and ANY other food

 Milk requires a huge amount of effort to be digested - by itself. Any other food you'll consume with it may cause you digestive problems, especially as we grow older.

 Tip: If you've got a hankering for a glass of milk, drink it with a spoon of honet, since taking them together creates antibacterial qualities that are very healthy for the body.

 3. Meat and potatos

 This one may surprise you. It sure as heck suprised us. However, although they make for a full and satisfying meal, the starch from the potatos is digested in the smaller intestine while the protein from the meat is digested in the stomach, so when we eat them together we may suffer from digestive problems and lower metabolism.

 4. Fruits and any other food

 Fruits are an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants, but they also contain large amounts of acids that make them to ferment in the stomach and slow the digestion of other foods. 

 Tip: Only beans don't ferment in the stomach. Eat other fruit on an empty stomach to avoid digestive problems and gas eruptions.

 5. Greens and Dairy Products

After all, creamed spinach, for example, is an excellent side dish. Unfortuantely, research shows that the chemicals in green vegetables (without starch, like spinach, brokoly, cabbage etc) may prevent the abosption of calcium from the dairy products. Instead, try to combine them with lean foods rich in protein, such as fish or chicken.