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Jun 12, 2013

Indian Embassy in Kuwait Establishes Helpline for Expatriates

image The Embassy in Kuwait said it has been in regular contact with local authorities regarding the ongoing checking of expatriates. The Embassy has also conveyed to them the concerns, fears and apprehensions of the community in this regard. 

The authorities in Kuwait have conveyed that strict instructions have been issued to ensure that there is no harassment or improper treatment of expatriates by those undertaking checkings. They have also said that should there be any complaint, the same could be conveyed at the following:

                   Inspection Department,  Ministry of Interior, Kuwait
                   Fax: 22435580, Mob: 66906651

The Embassy requested Indian expatriates to ensure that they abide by all local laws, rules and regulations regarding Residency, Traffic and other matters. The statement from the Embassy said it would be prudent to always carry Civil ID and other relevant documents such as Driving License, etc. In case, an Indian expatriate encounters any improper treatment during checking, it may be conveyed immediately with full details and contact particulars to the Embassy at the following:

          Phone No: 67623639

          E-Mail ID: