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Apr 28, 2013

Tips from a Nutrition Expert!

image 1. Defrosting, any defrosting, must be gradual. From the freezer to the fridge, and not directly to the outside.
2. Plastic work surfaces accumulate bacteria. They must be soaked in water with vinegar, and I highly recommend using wooden work surfaces, as they contain natural disinfectant materials.
3. There is almost NO difference in milk fat %. Drinking milk is always 3%. 0% milk is only milk water (the water created in process of making cream, cheese or butter).
4. If you want to freeze fruit, it's a good idea to pour sugar on them before they are frozen to preserve their taste.
5. When preparing dough, please use cold water during winter, and ice water during summer.That way the dough will rise to its maximal height.
6. The sugar leaf is the sweetest plant in the world. It is 30 times sweeter than sugar with zero calories. 1/3 of a leaf can sweeten a cup of coffee or tea. It can be bought at health stores as an extract.
7. The difference between Margarine and plastic is one molecule!The margarine contains transfats that do not melt in your arteries.
8. Corn and lettuce are mostly undigested by the body.
9. Eggshells are 100% calcium. If you have plants, a good idea is to water them with water mixed with eggshells.