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Apr 15, 2013

Stress at Work is Bad for the Body

image Stress is one of the biggest problems we have to deal with in modern life. It's everywhere, and many don't realize how much damage daily stress might be doing to them. It's all well and good to eat right, get enuogh sleep and exercise, but when it comes to mental hardship people will shrug it off, thinking it won't have an impact on their health. 

A review of relevant research conducted last September, officially identified a strong connection between stress at work and a bigger likelihood to get a heart attack. The review, performed by researches of the College University of London, shows that there is a strong correlation between overworking and a 23% increased chance of a heart attack.

Another research published this last year in the
Journal for occupational medicine, found that stress at work can cause specific harm to women by increasing their chances of diabetes.

A Smile is Stress Medicine 
A real, honest smile, one that uses both the eye and mouth muscles, may help decrease the heart rate after a stressful even. So found a research published in Psychological Science.

"Next time you are stuck in traffic or experience any other type of stress, you can try and put a smile on your face," says the main researcher from the University of Kansas, Sarah Paseman. "Not only will it help you cope psychologically, it will actually contribute to the health of your heart."