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Oct 07, 2018

Nitin Mhatre leads India’s rich gold haul

T.V. Balasubramanian
Pune, Oct 7: Having preserved their best for the last, Indian athletes made a huge bang on final day as they went on to win five gold, six silver and four bronze medals in the 52nd Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship, midway through the concluding proceedings at the Mahalunge Sports Complex, Balwewai,  here, on Sunday.

India’s Nitin Mhatre, began the gold-winning spree on home turf as he won his first Asian gold in the men’s bodybuilding 55kgs in the first ever Asian contest hosted by the Indian Body Builders Federation, sponsored by Hero and powered by Jerai fitness. Bhaskaran added the second gold in the 60kg category, which was followed by,  A Boby Singh (80 Kg), Yatinder Singh (85 Kg) and Sunit Jadhav (90 Kg). Indian athletes added six silver and four bronze medals in the 10 events from the 17 at the time of going to the press.

 In the under-60kgs Gaurav Bhandari, Hari Babu  (65kgs) and C Rahul (70kgs) won silver for India while L Neta (55kgs) and Pothina Krishna finished with bronze medals among the others.

 Mhatre, coming from a small hamlet called Vandre in Thane district was a  four-time Mr India and had one Mr World title to his credit, but it took him 14 years to win the Asian Championship as he could not afford the expenses to travel abroad for previous Asian championships.

 Sunit Jadhav, winner of the 90kg category, a flag bearer for Indian bodybuilding and A Boby Singh winner of the 80 kg category, along with Yatinder Singh, winner 85 kg category, were expected to pose a strong challenge to emerge winner of the overall Asian Champion, scheduled to be held later in the night.


 Men's Bodybuilding 55kg

 Nitin Mhatare (India)- Gold, Kyaw Min Than (Myanmar)- Silver, L Neta (India)- Bronze. 

 Men's Bodybuilding 60 Kg

 Bhaskaran (India)- Gold, Gaurrav Bhandari (India) - Silver, Tun Tun Aung (Myanmar)- Bronze. 

 Men's Bodybuilding 65 Kg

 Tun Min (Myanmar)- Gold, Hari Babu (India)- Silver, Qu Guiqian (China)- Bronze

 Men's Bodybuilding 70 Kg

 Khuntal Phuangpet (Thailand)- Gold, C Rahul (India) Silver, Pothina Krishna (India ) - Bronze 

 Men's Bodybuilding 75 Kg

 Shaifulhaq Bin Ahmed Ishak (Singapore)- Gold, Jayaprakash (India)- Silver, Mahmoud Hassan Jabur (Iraq)- Bronze 

 Men's Bodybuilding 80 Kg: A Boby Singh (India)- Gold, Abdul Suboor Amini (Afghanistan)- Silver, Firas Abdel Wahid Mahoud (Iraq)- Bronze.

 Men's Bodybuilding 85 Kg: Yatinder Singh (India) Gold, Rahmani Mujiburahaman (Afghanistan)- Silver, Ramin Hasan Zadeh (Afghanistan)- Bronze

 Men's Bodybuilding 90 Kg: Sunit Jadhav (India)- Gold, Baxshulla Sayfullayev (Uzbekistan)- Silver, Hamidullah Omari (Afghanistan)- Bronze

 Men's Bodybuilding 100 Kg: Saad Jaber Neameh (Iraq)- Gold, Mahendra Pagade (India)- Silver, Kiran Patil (India)- Bronze

 Men's Bodybuilding over 100 Kg: Mohammad Harun Azamy (Afganistan)- Gold, Akshay Mogarkar (India)- Silver, Juber Shaikh (India)- Bronze

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