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Jan 17, 2013

Bayt Abdullah Children Hospice in Kuwait Requires Nursing Team Leader

Monthly Pay scale starts from US$ 3,500 tax free

Bayt Abdullah Children Hospice, the world's largest children's hospice is looking for Nursing Team Teader. Monthly Pay scale starts from US$ 3,500 tax free, in addition to other benefits based on BACCH’s grading structure.

Position Description

Ref: 1006

Job Title : Nursing Team Leader
Location : Clinical Services
Department : Clinical
Managerial Accountability : Head of Care
Professional Accountability : Head of Care
Clinical Accountability : Head of Care


Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice provides multiprofessional care to children with life threatening illness. It aims to improve quality of life for children and their families from diagnosis and beyond. We offer specialist symptom management, medically supported ‘respite’ care, home care, rehabilitation services and play activities as well as psychological and practical support for the whole family.


We are committed to providing compassionate, holistic palliative care services to all children with a life threatening condition living in Kuwait.

Job Purpose

To be part of the senior clinical nursing team within an multidisciplinary team supporting, working alongside junior nurses using advanced skills to demonstrate senior nurse competency.

Job Summary

To provide clinical leadership supported by the Head of Care to the nursing team working in the organisation, and, contribute to the clinical governance of the organisation.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

To support the Head of Care in the day to day running of Bayt Abdullah, to act and deputise in his/her absence.
To organise and take the lead one of 4 tasks (i) Infection Control, (ii) Risk and Governance, (iii) Managing the staff rota, (iv) Advanced practice which will include the planning and provision of training and education of all staff, where appropriate.
To act as a professional role model and to lead in the provision and maintenance of high standards for children/young adults and families.
To be responsible for day-to-day shift duty management including the management of unexpected occurrences, providing nursing cover and taking appropriate action in an emergency situation.
To manage a small team including nursing and care staff.
To work as part of the clinical team in caring for children and families.
To support other Team Leaders and provide cover as required.


To work with the Head of Care in keeping within budget to provide high quality care and demonstrate value for money to donors.
To participate in the Clinical Governance Meetings as required.
To participate in the Ethics Group meetings within the organisation.
To develop learning environment for all staff and plan and implement teaching programmes.
To liaise closely with the Head of Education Team to combine teaching programmes as appropriate.
To represent Bayt Abdullah and participate at conferences/study days internationally and nationally, promoting a positive image of the organisation.
In conjunction with the care team, lead in developing and maintaining the vision, philosophy and model of care of the organisation.
To deputise to the next senior nurse role as required and directed by Director of Care.
To ensure at all times that the quality of the children’s/young adults’ care is maintained to agreed standards and to participate in the audit process of care and action audit information.
In conjunction with the Care Team, to develop a mechanism for setting goals and benchmarking standards of care and to develop tools to improve the quality of service.
To contribute ideas and suggestions for improvements to service offered.
To participate in the annual performance review of designated staff.
To be instrumental in the development and dissemination of evidence-based standards, guidelines, protocols, policies and audit.
To be responsible for the efficient and effective use of supplies, provisions and equipment, and be aware of budgetary issues.
To be able to prioritise and delegate work appropriately.
To assist in managing and planning the children’s respite care allocation, and help manage the transition from the referral and assessment stage to the appropriate planning of the first stay and allocation of a key worker.
To take responsibility for rota planning (as required), monitoring sickness and absence and meet other relevant HR issues within the team.
To participate in the recruitment and interviewing process as required.
To assist in the investigation of complaints, as appropriate.
To lead and attend relevant Staff/Team Leader Meetings as and when required and be willing to participate in clinical supervision.
To be accountable for following the Health and Safety Guidelines and all other Bayt Abdullah policies and procedures, being proactive in the identification, reporting and management of hazards.
To be familiar with, and follow, regulations pertaining to the Bayt Abdullah Fire Policy.
To alert the Head of Care if issues, problems or concerns are highlighted regarding safe care practices of children in our care.
To develop skills in facilitating clinical supervision.


To provide and maintain high standards of care for the children/young people and their families.
To take responsibility and lead in the smooth running of Bayt Abdulla in providing a suitable and safe environment for the physical and psychological wellbeing of children/young people, families, visitors and staff.
To ensure that the Hospice is adequately prepared for admissions and is maintained to a high standard throughout the day.
To take responsibility for maintaining the “home” environment within the Hospice.
To lead in assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes of care, actively seeking evidence-based practice that will support clinical outcomes, as appropriate.
To promote and monitor effective oral, written and IT communication, documentation and records with all members of the multi-disciplinary team.
To be willing to adapt to varied care settings in negotiation with the children/families, in line with Hospice Policy, e.g. trips outside of the Hospice.
To liaise with appropriate Health Care Professionals to ensure continuity of care delivered to children/young adults is maintained.
To recognise and develop skills required for the care of children/young adults at Bayt Abdullah.
To work with the Family Support/Bereavement Team to support staff and the families of children/young adults at and after their death.
To foster a climate where team members openly question and appropriately challenge their own and others’ practice, and where decision-making can be openly debated and discussed.
To recognise own strengths and limitations and ask for help and support as required.
To ensure compliance by everyone concerned with Hospice Care Standards, regulations, organisational and local policies and guidelines.
At all times to adhere to Bayt Abdullah Codes of Conduct (Nursing and organisational).
To work as part of the team and continually evaluate the care provided to our children and families.
To take an active role in the referral and assessment process, as required.
To take part in regular multi-disciplinary team care reviews of the children who visit.
To support staff in the management of child/ vulnerable adult protection issues.


To identify and address the educational needs of the care team.
To contribute to the education of the care team both formally and informally across the service.
To ensure that all new staff receive an effective induction programme, which includes mandatory training requirements.
To ensure that the team has the necessary updates as required by polices.
To act as a resource to Care Team members, offering guidance and advice about the care of children and young adults and families and to ensure that all children/young adults have up to date, comprehensive care plans.
To participate in disseminating organisational learning both internally and externally, through teaching and publishing e.g. in journals
Working with the Director of Care and Head of Clinical Education to contribute to a comprehensive educational and training strategy for the organisation.
To actively contribute to audit and research in palliative care and other areas of care and to encourage and support the Team Leaders and Care Team in developing their skills and knowledge of this field.
To audit the existing service and to identify areas for development.
To provide statistics and information which can be used to demonstrate efficient and effective use of resources.
To act as a Clinical supervisor for named member(s) of staff as required.
To foster environments conducive to learning, inquiry, and research and to support the identification of the training and development needs of nursing staff / learners in the hospice and community settings.
Support the Head of Clinical Education with the planning, implementation and evaluation of training and education programmes.
Participate as required with the delivery of appropriate orientations to the hospice for all-new staff, learners and temporary staff.
Contribute to identification of learning needs and development of appropriate multi- professional programmes.
Develop and evaluate teaching programmes for children/families, empowering them to manage their own condition and seek appropriate help and advice.
Provide support and training to other professionals both within the Hospice and in community settings to develop skills/knowledge to deliver appropriate specialist care to children and families within the caseload.
Participate in national / international events in order to further national / international knowledge and share best practice
To be involved in the development, production and evaluation of national and international clinical procedure / practice guidelines
Maintain own professional development and mandatory training identifying learning needs in relation to specialist area of practice.
To have a leadership role in the development, production and evaluation of national and international clinical procedure / practice guidelines.
Maintain own professional development and mandatory training identifying learning needs in relation to specialist area of practice


Engage in research that will provide valuable information to guide future strategic direction for Bayt Abdullah.
Collaborate in audit and research studies relating to nursing and multidisciplinary care, within the specialist area of practice, presenting findings through presentations and writing for publication
Actively promote research awareness and evidenced base care.
To work within the research governance arrangements to support audit of practice - locally, nationally and internationally
Develop and evaluate tools to audit practice within specialist area of practice
As appropriate, collaborate with the Head of Education to co-ordinate trials within specialist area of practice and publish results to increase the body of knowledge
Keep up to date with emerging thinking / findings from other centres.


Demonstrate a professional approach to work, and act in accordance with the Bayt Abdullah personal responsibility framework and the within the Code of Professional Conduct at all times.
To have knowledge of and adhere to hospice and Organisational policy and professional standards. To ensure that team members do likewise.
To maintain confidentiality surrounding the child and families care at all times.
Ensure documentation is complete and up to date, in line with hospice guidelines.
To identify own learning needs and ensure own professional development is maintained by keeping up to date with practice developments.
Participate in staff appraisal, staff development and in service training activities.
To comply and participate in any required organizational audit process.
To undertake any other duties as required by department head.


Alongside the BACCH management team, to contribute to the safety, careful use and maintenance of BACCH premises, equipment, materials and tools in accordance with BACCH health and safety standards.
In carrying out these duties the employee is required to take responsible care to avoid injury or accident, which may be caused by work. These duties must be performed in accordance with BACCH Health and Safety Policy, which is designed to secure safety in working practice and in handling materials and equipment.

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