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Jan 08, 2013

The time for a new panel for Aberdeen Malayalee Association 2013-2014

Seby P Babu
This is to inform you all that the time has now arrived for a new panel for our Aberdeen Malayalee Association AMA 2013-2014.

Those who are interested to lead our association please contact our secretary Mr. Seby P Babu.
The committee would require 11 members or a minimum f 8. We would like you to come forward and contact us, as this would save us the usual tedious process of calling out names of people from the crowd gathered for a celebration. You could come forward with the names of friends, colleagues or group of friends (of course after consulting with them). All interests will be highly appreciated. Kindly let us know by 08-01-2013. We would like to see both our young and older talents to come forward alike and take our association forward in the coming year. We would be keen for talented individuals to come forward for the Arts Secretary position as it involves organising and coordinating all arts and cultural programmes of the association.

We look forward to hearing from you all.
Please contact Seby P Babu at 07412966560