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Dec 26, 2012

Let Children Have Joy of Saving and Giving


This is the season of joy and celebration and most of us must be busy spreading happiness and waiting for the year ahead. That thought brings Santa to mind and all children must be eager to see him and collect their gifts.

Few days later, we will be welcoming a New Year with hopes abound for a prosperous time ahead.

Let this season also be the time to allow children to start a good habit. Amid all the glory and joy of the festive season, ask them to spare a thought for the less fortunate ones around them. Be it humans or animals or even the environment.

It is good to cultivate a saving habit in children at a young age. And when the goal of saving something is a noble cause, its even better.

So this Christmas/New Year, let the children start saving for a gift to someone who really needs a helping hand. Help them set the deadline to achieve the goal, for example: Next Christmas/New Year.

May be, you can even help them by giving a savings target. But, keep it modest to drive home the point that even if small, it matters. On happier occasions like festivals, birthdays or any celebration of success, prompt children to set aside a gift they got or a portion of their prize money or allowance towards the goal.

When children are happy, they will only be happier to help. Once the deadline is there, they can use their savings to help the needy in whatever manner they chose.

This way, they will also learn the basics of savings and importance of giving something back to the society when they can and grow into responsible citizens.

More such occasions, more the savings towards the goal. This must be motivation enough for children to achieve success as well as do something positive.

So this Christmas/New Year, a great gift idea would be to give children a piggy bank and let them have the joy of saving and giving.