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Dec 20, 2012

Please Consider Nurses as Human Beings

Letter to the Editor

Are we nurses treated as human beings? I have this doubt at many points in my career. Sometimes, I strongly feel that we are not getting the treatment of human beings. Sometimes nightmares break my sleep and I searched to find an answer to this question.

Many Doctors in private hospitals in Kerala, especially those who are in administration, are greedy and power mongers. They are for money, power and positions. They usually wont consider nurses, who are supposed to be their right-hands in their profession.

Let me narrate my personal experiences which provoked me to pen this article. I did my nursing degree in Karnataka and then came back to Kerala in search of a job. The result was disappointing. Many hospitals were reluctant to admit male nurses. They feel male nurses don’t have patience to look after ill and needy?

Doctors consider females a weaker section and they may not react to the mistakes in a fear of losing their job. So they prefer to work with female nurses. Moreover, doctors are more interested to employ ANMs (6 month course) and ayammas (servant) who are not well qualified to look after a patient. The reason is meager salaries and doctors can put their money in their own pocket.

Finally I got a job in a prestigious 1000 bed hospital and the salary offered was just peanuts. For the first year starting salary for all nurses is Rs. 7000 in Kerala. Mess fee may be 2500. Uniform fee is around 2000 and a caution fee of Rs. 7500 at the time of joining and many other expenses that we have to pay back to the hospital. Then at the end of the month you will have a savings of Rs. 1000.  My dreams blasted like an atom bomb. I thought of my burdens and debt. For completing the course I have taken Rs. 5 lakhs as education loan. I am supposed to pay from my salary.

Take the case of Engineering. Course fee for an year is only Rs. 35000 and starting salary is around 25000. For the case of nurses it takes many years to get back their course fee.

Today even sales girls will get at least Rs. 5000 to 15000 for their job. Now I wish to get the job of salesman, so that I can pay back the loan for my nursing course.

I want to ask a question to these doctors. Do they allow unauthorized medical practitioners to treat patients? Why are they allowing unauthorized servants as nurses? I think it is high time to react to these doctors.

Thank God for creating some western countries who provides lucrative salary, who knows the importance of nursing profession.

Dear nurses, please don’t work for hospital and administrators who are not considering you as human beings and colleagues.  Protest against them, when ever in need for the sake of the future of nurses.

Justin peter
Poopady house
Nayarambalam p.o
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