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About Globalmalayalam is a unique portal that provides news and information on various segments that will be useful for residents as well as non-residents. We are targeting the gifted and industrious million who have nostalgic feelings towards their motherland. We see this site as a tool to foster our values, culture, treasured family strengths and prosperity that to be bequeathed to the next generations.

Apart from providing regular news items, we intend our site as a reference site, that will guide you on many subjects such as health, education, interior designing, gardening, cinema, shopping, etc. We will be publishing various features on these segments. Experts will help you find answers on your queries on immigration, banking, business, insurance, real estate, etc.

As Keralites, we have lots of dreams and aspirations. Buying a property, building a dream home, owning an apartment, managing savings account, arranging a family function or sending a gift or a flower bouquet to your loved ones may be your priorities. As an effective advertisement tool, our site will definitely serve as your friend in need.

We know that the use of Malayalam is getting crumbled day by day. There should be some efforts to fortify our mother tongue. We will be running a column to help the new generation to learn our language. We aim as a platform to instill an affection to reading and thus developing a love for our language. We will try our best to use simple and direct language all throughout the site.

We also plan to publish periodical magazines in print format to cater to the thirst of readers.

Marketing Director:
Vinod Mathai
Sydney, Australia
Ph: +61 450 096 663

Editorial Director:
Gigi Elavunkal
Ph: +91 9744743374

News Desk Co-ordinator:
Binu Elizabeth Jacob
Ph: +91 484 2428824

GM Representatives
T. Thomas – Kerala
S. Resmi – Kerala
Sheeba Shiji – Dubai
Shibu Joseph – Kuwait

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Global Malayalam
32, Star Valley
Kochi, Kerala
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Sony Varghese,
81 A High Street,
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Lincolnshire, PE12 7ED

Sydney Office:
Global Malayalam
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Westmesd, Sydney
nsw 2145
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